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Marrying in Portugal

Marrying in Portugal

Due to a change in official procedures that took place on 1 August 2013, it is now very easy and simple for foreigners to get married in Portugal, including same-sex marriages.

Portugal has no residency requirements. All foreign nationals wishing to get married in Portugal must however be lawfully admitted and legally present in Portugal. Everyone also needs to have valid passports showing proof of entry into Portugal or into the Schengen Area in the European Union.

Foreign nationals can marry even if marriage between same-sex couples is not recognised in their country of origin. In some countries, marriages are only allowed under the confessional community system. The good news is that both civil heterosexual and same-sex marriages celebrated in the Portuguese Republic will be transcribed by most civil registries worldwide, including the State of Israel.

Marrying in Portugal has never been so easy and straight forward. Should you wish so, Valdemar Garcias and Wladimir Schrijver will organise everything for both of you. We have successfully organised both heterosexual and same-sex marriages for people from The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and Israel. Valdemar takes care of the legal aspects related to Wedding
and Ceremony Planning while Wladimir takes care of the Wedding Venue and Party, making good use of our extensive travel experience, Wladimir's decoration talents and Valdemar's linguistic flair.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your Special Day request.


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